Your Marketing
Should Be Doing More For You.

It's Not.

That's why we need to talk.

That's why you're here.

You should have something to show for all of the work and money you put or plan to put into your marketing, right?

We help clients achieve financial results from their marketing efforts.

We define what you should do, stop doing, do more of, and consider doing in the future to grow your revenues through marketing.

Hey there,
We're Focused On Revenue.
Is Your Marketing?
Marketing is an investment that drives business results
(when done right).
You've launched a new product.
You have some revenues and maybe a small pipeline, but you want more.
You want consistent customers coming to you.
But marketing is a challenge. So what now?
Here's how we help with that. You can expect results for your marketing investment within 1 to 3 months.
These are the actions we take to realize results.

Marketing Strategy

This includes analyzing awareness, branding, positioning, customer personas, value proposition, messaging, positioning, mapping the buyer's journey, developing sales and marketing funnels, audience profiles, and building a roadmap with metrics.  How we're different is that we assure your marketing strategies and tactics align with your revenue goals. Our belief is: Marketing that doesn't convert to revenues is just entertainment.


Customer Discovery and Market Research

Market research and customer discovery are different things. We talk to both potential and current customers. Period. There is no better way to approach marketing strategy effectively and efficiently. How we're different is that we understand when it's appropriate to do market research and when it's appropriate for customer discovery (most competitors don't and use the terms interchangeably). Also, we have deep expertise in conducting unbiased customer discovery for new product launches. Deep customer understanding and empathy is essential to effective marketing.


Lead Generation Strategy

This includes generating new leads, increasing sales, re-engagement, and conversion optimization in digital marketing. How we're different is that we offer lead gen strategies based upon your prospect's buying intent---not the spray and pray method that you see many companies use.

We've Helped Some
Amazing Companies!
Here are a couple favorites...

Tech startup incubator in Georgia.

Demand generation and lead generation strategies and execution for launch of retail technology program and sustainability and greentech industry vertical.


Software company.

Go-to-market, demand generation, and lead generation strategies and execution services for product relaunch.


A private research university in Tennessee.

Branding, demand generation, lead generation strategies for launch of Women Of Color In Stem Entrepreneurship (W.I.S.E. Ones) research campaign.


Software company.

Go-to-market, demand generation, and lead generation strategies for new innovative product launch.

"Classic Conversations"
The Evergreen Business Strategy

 Unveil Hidden Opportunities With Clarity And Focus

While our arsenal includes cutting-edge social media and SEM tools, it's essential to acknowledge that the most valuable and genuine insights often stem from meaningful human interactions.

Engaging with people directly remains the cornerstone of acquiring authentic business intelligence.

At TPM Focus Marketing, we engage with all stakeholders whose insights and perspectives are crucial to achieving your objectives.

This encompasses not just members of your organization, but also YOUR EXISTING AND PROSPECTIVE CLIENTELE.

We recognize that businesses develop products and services to cater to the needs of others, and this can only be done effectively by actively communicating with them and asking the appropriate questions to gain insight. 


Contact Us For A Custom Package That Meets Your Needs

If you've made it this far on the page, thanks for sticking in there. It's clear that you have more questions before you decide to reach out to us.
That's okay.

You might be wondering:
How much will this cost me? 

Our answer is:
It's truly a free assessment.  We talk, you share some information about your current situation, and that's it. We will review and provide your assessment over the phone. 
There is no obligation for you to work with us.

You might also be wondering:
How much are your services regularly?

Our answer is:
It's depends (the unpopular answer). But honestly, for custom services there is no one-size-fits-all. We're project and deliverables-based which means that we don't charge you by the hour. To provide perspective, prices start in the five figures and go up from there depending on the project.

And you might be wondering:
How long will it take to receive my assessment results?

Our answer is:
We will complete the call with you and the assessment over the phone in about 30 minutes. We offer this to help you make the next decision(s) for your business even if you don't end up hiring us.



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