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Launching Something New?

Align your Technology, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Efforts with your Financial Goals. 

If you’ve recently launched or plan to launch something new or enter a new market, we should talk.  We help companies like yours and guide their journey to finding product-market fit.

Some people call what we do commercialization (when it’s a new innovation launching).

Some call it GTM, also known as, Go-To-Market.

Others call it strategy and implementation (the “WHAT to do” and the “HOW to do it”).

Though these terms are complex, simply put:  We help companies enter the market, get customers, earn revenue, and assure their product is viable and sustainable in the market before pouring in too many resources.

OUR ADVICE: Launch, Learn, and then Pivot (if necessary). Repeat this process before you attempt to scale.

No Customers? That’s A Symptom of A Bigger Problem

New Products Requires A New Strategy

Many clients create new products or enter a new market and then come to us stating: “We need more sales.”  Does this describe your situation?  If so, low sales are just a symptom of a larger problem.  Many companies make the mistake of trying to solve this problem by increasing their marketing and advertising spend or simply hiring more salespeople or replacing the current sales team with new talent, but is that really necessary?  We’ll help you figure that out.  There’s a trend we see in the fast-paced, technology-driven world we’re in now—we’ve found that most times the lack of sales is a result of a much bigger issue.  That bigger issue is misaligned sales, marketing, technology, and customer success programs that are not aligned with your revenue goals and most importantly, not aligned with your prospective customers.  We believe that all of these efforts should be working towards specific, measurable goals for your company and have tracked metrics to assure these efforts are in alignment. As we say: “Let’s make sales, not excuses.”

You’ll find that there’s a significant impact on your business when you work with us because you’ll have access to deeper levels of objective expertise than you have on staff as full-time employees.  The best part is that you can access our business strategy consulting services only when you need them and not incur the ongoing expense of having an expert(s) in-house on your payroll.  Our services include step-by-step analysis and direction on business strategy and tactics to test and solidify your place in the market profitably.  By aligning your marketing, sales, technology, and customer success with your financial goals, we will provide a winning formula that will ensure you meet your objectives.

Our Specialties

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Charge Forward

Customized Business Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all prescriptive strategy. We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we meet you where you are and forge a path forward for your company to experience increased efficiencies, customer value, revenues, and profitability as you develop new products/services or expand into new market sectors. 


Here’s How We’ll Help You

We are the trusted advisors to startups and SMB’s providing critical resources and strategy from coast to coast. Together our team has 100+ years of combined executive experience in a variety of industries.  We’ve merged our corporate knowledge with our tech startup and entrepreneurial experiences to create the perfect collaboration with our clients. The TPM Focus team has exceptional multidisciplinary and industry insights and can see the “big picture” while still delivering very detailed, yet actionable steps for clients to achieve desired results.  In other words, we take your biggest business challenges and by using a fresh approach and our deep consulting experience, we deliver results for you. Your company will benefit from our unique mix of domain experience at the highest levels of competency, with a personal touch, and a genuine desire to see your business ascend.


Are you a tech startup seeking to launch an innovative product? Have you launched but haven’t gained enough traction in the market? Are you trying to figure out how to acquire customers, retain customers, iterate on your product, market your business, and fundraise to attract qualified angel investors and VC’s?  It’s hard work, but…We’ve got you covered.  


Are you an internal innovation team at a corporation, business incubator or accelerator, or economic development center in need of curriculum and workshops to engage and educate your entrepreneurs? Do you want to provide entrepreneurs with real-life examples, practical insights, and a deep understanding of what’s necessary to launch a startup to prepare them for creating their own successful ventures?  We’ve got you covered.


Are you a small to medium-sized business seeking to launch in a new market? Are you trying to figure out how to engage a new customer base? We understand that success in one county/city/state/country does not translate to success in another. We’ve got you covered.

From Our Founder

Iterate Your Way To Success

“Results are only accomplished by doing, not just thinking and planning.  Iterate on new ideas for your company as quickly as possible, step by step, as you test, learn, and unlock the winning combination to take your business to new heights.  Experiment and test new ideas.  Pivot as you learn. Adjust and adapt skillfully.  Use modern business strategies and lean methodologies to reach your business goals.  Create the innovative business of the future, not just for today.

It is an honor for you to entrust your business to my team and I.  We’re experienced professionals and will guide you step by step toward guaranteed results.  Our confidence comes from experience.”

TPM Focus, LLC was founded and is currently led by a business innovation leader– Monique Mills, MBA, PMP, experienced business leader, degreed electrical engineer, certified PMP (Project Management Professional), tech startup founder, and licensed Realtor(R).  For further information, please visit

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