Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator

This discount calculator is a useful tool for quick calculations.  We know you’re in business to make money and probably not interested in giving discounts, but wait!

Especially for startups, lean in and hear our advice:

Don’t price your product or service too low.  

Although you may be a new startup, (hopefully) your new product or service is providing real value to your customers and is worthy of the price you charge.  You see, it’s really hard (maybe impossible) to raise the prices later and keep your customers.  So guess what we suggest?  Make your prices high and offer a discount.  Then progressively, over time, decrease the amount of the discount.  That’s genius right?!?!  In essence, you are raising your prices without raising your prices!  But as we’ve mentioned previously, you always want to minimize customer churn so do all that you can to retain your existing customers.  And so far, we’ve found this tactic to be a very effective strategy.

This discount calculator can be used for all types of reasons, but overall, you’ll be able to know where you stand after discounting your service or product and rest assured that you are not losing money.