As a startup, you’ll need to determine your business model and calculate financial projections based upon the information.  This exercise helps you determine the viability of your business and rather or not your assumptions make the business worth your time or attractive to angel investors or venture capitalists.  We help you create a financial model to guide your decision-making and inform you of important milestones such as when you’ll breakeven, when you’ll start to make a profit, and when you’ll need to raise additional capital.  Our dynamic model will allow you to make adjustments that automatically recalculate the financial statements as changes are made to business model.

Building a business is a courageous, yet onerous feat.  Our strategy services are meant to help you navigate the journey with confidence by providing innovative business model design, go-to-market strategies, and insight for business development, strategic partnerships, marketing, sales, competition, staffing, and more.  We ensure you receive quality, high-level insight and real-world recommendations with step-by-step instructions that are appropriate for your stage of business and won’t break the bank.

If you’re considering pitching your business to potential investors, you must have a well constructed verbal pitch and pitch deck to communicate information about your business, your team, the market opportunity, the financial projections, and much more.  It must catch their attention in the first 30 to 60 seconds, so you want your speech and presentation to be succinct, clear, and compelling.  Our team has extensive experience with this and will help you compose a top-notch, investor-ready pitch deck and presentation to raise money for your new business venture.

You’ll need to create a prototype for your new idea, also known as the minimum viable product in lean philosophy, to begin testing the market demand for your technology.  This step is commonly over-built which attributes to unnecessary, excessive costs.  We believe you are able to test the market at minimum cost, with clarity in the goals and the value proposition.  Most startups can get market traction with a ‘concierge MVP’, using a combination of various existing tech tools at a very low cost.  We also offer project management services to manage the development of your technology within budget and time constraints.

Customer discovery is the next step after coming up with a business idea.  This is the step that requires you to begin speaking to potential customers to gauge their needs or wants in regards to your new idea.  Customer discovery is a tricky task because it requires you to conduct research with prospects without leaking information about your business idea.  We help entrepreneurs by composing appropriate questions, scripts, and strategies to reach potential customers, quickly, to determine the next steps for building your business.  This is a major component for a strong foundation of any business, yet the most overlooked.  Don’t let that be your downfall.  Let us assist you.

Before you go into the market with your new business, you should know and size up your competition first.  You need to study them, learn from their mistakes, analyze their business model, customers, and their value proposition, at minimum.  Companies that have solved a similar problem as your business and then went on to be highly successful, or even filed for an IPO, should have their corporate strategy and public documents examined and analyzed for insight and lessons learned.  We execute a thorough strategy to accomplish competitor research in a timely manner and provide key business insights to help you with considerations for your new business venture.