There are campaigns everywhere encouraging people to “Support Small Businesses” because they are the heartbeat of our country. The message is equally important in 2018, but now technology plays a major role in the success of any company.  This post is geared toward sharing 3 easy ways to use it to support small businesses.  If you are a small business owner, please share this post with your customers, partners, and peers.  Everyone benefits when small businesses are supported and successful.

Sure, you come across posts from businesses on every social media channel.  While it may seem like an interruption to your daily scroll, it’s the modern (and necessary) way of staying connected and promoting themselves in a busy, crowded online world.  Did you know that you can support businesses without purchasing from them? 

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Here are 3 Ways to Support Small Businesses Using Social Media

1. Share their posts with your network.  Most Social Media networks have a “Share” button.  Please use it to share information about the small businesses you admire.

2. “Like” their posts REGULARLY.  The act of clicking the “Like” button takes one second to do but does wonders for increasing the visibility of small businesses on Social Media.  The more you do this, the more people will see their posts and learn about what they offer.

3. Comment on their posts.  This is the ultimate expression of support on Social Media.  Social media networks consider this type of engagement a sign of credibility that the small business’ posts deserve the privilege of being shown to a wider audience.  Even if you don’t have words to express your thoughts, emojis work just as well.  Who doesn’t love a smiley face?

These are all free gestures of support that cost you nothing but can be extremely beneficial to small businesses seeking to spread the word about their business.