What Is A Brand Bible?

Does your company have a “Brand Bible”? Perhaps you use the term “brand guide,” but it’s the same concept.

You can’t have revenue engine optimization without alignment within your marketing efforts.  Branding is a major component of how effective your marketing efforts will be with your target audience.  A brand bible, or sometimes called a brand guide, helps you maintain consistency in front of your audience.

It is just a document that defines your company’s visual identity. The document specifies the guidelines and rules on how all aspects of your company’s brand will be handled. To avoid confusing your brand with another’s in the marketplace, a living brand bible is extremely important as it creates a unified and identifiable presence for your brand that consistent throughout all of your marketing.

Did you know that marketing agencies will charge thousands of dollars to create one for you? If you’re a startup or even small business, it might be a cost you can’t incur. However, it’s something that you can establish yourself.

Nike is an example of a brand that we recognize very easily as their simple logo says it all. Skype is another brand that most people will recognize even when their name isn’t shown.  The logo and color alone helps us quickly identify them. Click below to take a look at a previous version of Skype’s Brand Bible to give you insight into the components of a brand bible. Although theirs is quite extensive, it’s not required that you have as many details. However, after reviewing this, you’ll see why it’s vital for you to have one, especially if you have an internal marketing team or if you outsource marketing tasks. Remember, it’s essential to be unique and consistent in the marketplace, and this tool ensures you’re able to control how others view you.

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See Skype’s Brand Bible